Most of the hair fall shampoos available on the market those are said to be effective contain Minoxidil as their main ingredients. Minoxidil shampoo is believed to be more fruitful in getting results for hair loss as compared to other products for hair growth and shine. But then, do you know how Minoxidil shampoo works for your hair problems? Well, let us quickly go through some facts that you might not know before reading this…

How Does It Work?

Basically, the problem is Minoxidil in its primary form is not effective for any hair problem and hence, the bio-adoptable form of Minoxidil is to be Minoxidil Sulfate. Minoxidil shampoo, when applied onto the scalp, gently enters into the dermal layer through the hair follicles and roots. It then reacts with specific enzyme present in the scalp (called as sulphotransferase enzymes) and gets converted into our active Minoxidil Sulfate, effective to produce healthy hair and prevent hair fall. But many clinical trials reveal that after a certain period (generally one year), the scalp does not give effective reaction to the raw material and hence does not produce enough Minoxidil Sulfate. Said this, any product containing raw ingredient if used beyond certain period is quite useless and does not help in hair fall prevention.

Other Ingredients

You can also opt for minoxidil shampoo that also contains fruit vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, UV protective ingredients, herbal or botanical extracts and other natural ingredients that promote the healthy hair growth. The users should also take into account that these products are to be used after consulting concerned health care provider or at least, following the instructions written on the label or leaflet that comes with product is the best way to get best results out of the product.

There are plenty of ways you can get potential herbal or modern hair products to prevent the hair fall, hair loss or baldness. Using these hair products properly, you have healthy and stronger hair. You can purchase hair growth supplements in the form of herbal soaps, powders, sprays, gels, capsules and pills, mask and minoxidil shampoo online.

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