How To Stimulate Hair Growth

How to stimulate hair growth is a popular question among individuals in the society that experience hair loss. What was once a condition that individuals had to accept is no longer a condition that individuals that experience hair loss must accept. There are many solutions that include non-surgical, medical and surgical procedures to combat the problem of hair loss. Today, individuals that suffer from hair loss have a much greater advantage, as even wigs and toupees are so realistic that they are often undetected.

How To Stimulate Hair Growth for Balding

There are various techniques used in how to stimulate hair growth and individuals that experience hair loss will definitely have a wide selection of remedies. Hair is made of keratin tissue from the body.

The many techniques to promote hair growth and a healthier head of hair that include internal and external treatments such as the following:

Supplements: Supplements are readily available on the market. Supplements are taken internally and work from the inside out. Women that experience hair loss often look for the solution of how to stimulate hair growth for women. There are various supplements on the market that are designed specifically for women and one that many women haven taken advantage of is prenatal vitamins which help the hair to grow. Hair growth supplements work to stimulate the hair follicle to enhance the growth rate and health of the hair.

Care: When you experience hair loss it is essential to preserve the hair as much as possible. Brush and comb the hair gently and avoid combing or brushing wet hair. Try to keep your hair away from heat such as the blow dryer and electric rollers. Also, keep your hair moisturized. Conditioning products are essential for healthy hair and your hair will definitely benefit.

Diet: Diet plays a large role in the health of hair. Individuals cannot expect a natural healthy head of hair with a poor diet. A well balanced diet is essential that includes nutrient rich foods. A diet high in protein and iron will help to promote hair growth and keep the hair strong. A wonderful source for such foods is salmon, nuts, dark green vegetables, carrots, beans, eggs and whole grains.

Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto is an herbal treatment that is a plant that is a dwarf palm plant native to North America. The treatment is thought to block the enzyme 5-alpha reductase which then helps to lower the levels of dihydrotestosteron, a hormone responsible for balding. lipsterolic Saw Palmetto extract can be taken orally or massaged into the hair and scalp or a Saw Palmetto hair loss shampoo can be used. Saw Palmetto has proved to be an alternative for how to stimulate hair growth naturally and has no negative consequences.

Hair Loss Shampoos: Hair loss shampoos such as Nizoral and Nioxin have also proved to be effective for hair loss. Hair loss shampoos will target different types of hair loss. Shampoos such as the Nizoral is shampoo that contains anti-fungal treatment properties, which helps to reduce inflammation and block androgen receptors in the scalp. This targets the cause of hair loss. Hair loss shampoos are a wonderful way to help combat thinning hair as they help to cleanse an unclean scalp, reduce information and shampoos that are categorized as anti-fungal help to fight anti-fungal infection. Each is a cause for balding. Dandruff is other reason individuals may experience hair loss and one that the hair loss shampoos will target.

how do you stimulate hair growthCauses Of Hair Loss

When you look at how to stimulate hair growth, you must look at the causes for hair loss. Not each individual experiences hair loss due to the same cause, and below are reasons that individuals may suffer hair loss.

  • Genetics: Genetics may also play in thinning hair in many individuals.
  • Diet and nutrition: Diet and nutrition also has an impact on hair loss. We’ve all seen the under nourished hound whose coat of hair is dull and unhealthy looking, as well as thinning. Just as with the human, a poor diet can result in unhealthy and thin hair.
  • Stress and trauma: Individuals that experience stress experience an increase in the levels of testosterone, which then converts to DHT and interrupts the growth cycle of the hair.
  • Health issues: Health issues are also an underlying cause of balding.
  • Environmental factors: There are numerous pollutants that individuals are exposed to daily. Air and water pollutants, minerals, chlorine and metals, and each can be left on the scalp and hair which contributes to hair loss.
  • Medication: Individuals that take certain medications such as medications to cure cancer may experience hair thinning and hair loss. With medications, most often when the medication is discontinued, the hair regrows.

How to stimulate hair in women may not always be the same as in men. While there are many unisex treatments, there are also those that are designed specifically for the woman or the man. Research is essential when you look for a product on how to stimulate hair growth naturally. Aside from natural solutions, there are also medical and surgical treatments which include hair restoration, which is a grafting of hair from a donor area and the hair is then transplanted into the balding or bald area. This type of procedure can be costly and many individual first look for affordable solutions.

While hair loss is an emotional time, how to stimulate hair growth is wide, tried and true. While certain products may not be for all individuals, there are many different forms and manufacturers of products for hair loss and individuals will not have to silently suffer. The first step should be to consult with your physician to discuss a hair growth treatment plan and to determine what is in your budget. From there, you can research your various options, or you may find that your doctor prescribes you something to help in your fight of how to stimulate hair growth.

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