Hair Growth Medicine

There three kinds of hair growth medicines available on the market; hair growth medicine that contains herbal ingredients (natural hair loss ingredients), chemical (or synthetic based hair fall medicine) and the combination of both (herbal and synthetic/chemical ingredients for curing baldness). Each of them has its own pros and cons when it comes to prevent or cure the falling of the hair.

How Medicines For Hair Fall Tackle Baldness?

There is a hair root just beneath the surface of the skin (dermal layer) that is encapsulated within a hair follicle. Furthermore, a structured called dermal papilla forms the base of every hair follicle which gets nourished by the bloodstream (containing a rich supply of nutrients) for producing an all new hair. The dermal papilla is very essential structure in the cycle of hair growth and repair as it has receptors for hair-growing hormones and androgens. In males, the androgens influence hair growth. Hair growth medicine helps regulating the levels of these hormones and nourish other structure that support in hair-growth and repair cycle.

Hair Fall Medicine Corrects The Hair Growth Cycle

Hair follicles’ growth is designed with repeated cycles. One hair growth cycle, for understanding purpose, can be classified into three phases:-

Anagen Phase – Growth Phase:

More or less 85 per cent of all hairs are found in this phase at any given time. The anagen phase is known as growth phase and can differ from individual to individual (2-6 years). A normal hair grows about 10 centimeter a year and an individual hair is less likely to grow above 1 meter in length. Some of the hair growth medicines may regulate this phase to prevent hair fall.

Catagen Phase – Transitional Phase:

This phase begins once the anagen phase is over. Normally, catagen phase lasts about a week or two. It is during this phase, the hair follicle is noticed to get shrunk approximately 1/6th of its normal length of its hair. During this phase, the lower part is spifflicated and the dermal papilla prepares for the next phase. Hair growth medicine may reduce the breakup of the hair if is designed to target this phase.

Telogen Phase – Resting Phase:

The telogen is known as resting phase that follows transitional phase and generally stays for about one to one and a half month. During this phase the hair stops growing but remains attached to the follicle whereas the dermal papilla remains in a resting phase. At the end of the resting phase the hair follicle again gets into growth phase.

Different medicines work differently however, it depends solely on the formula of any hair growth medicine which hair-growth-cycle phase it targets. As always, it is better to consult concerned health care provider before starting any hair growth medicine, especially internal.

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